VNI Font Pack I
for Windows or Macintosh

English | Vietnamese

Brings you the best tools for the layout of invitation cards, advertisements, covers, and titles with the most artistic font set ever designed. VNI fonts are the most comprehensive character styles which help beautify your documents or books and designed especially for publishing and news media use. This is a collectible font set consists of the most beautiful fonts you have ever seen. Each set offers both lower and upper case and special characters such as: °©®¡¢£ªº. Each font offers both normal and capitalized forms applicable to Windows or Macintosh:

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* Header Font

VNI-Bodon Poster, VNI-Swiss Condense, VNI-Broad, VNI-Franko
VNI-Bandit, VNI-Jamai, VNI-Vari, VNI-Souvir

* Text Font

VNI-Garam, VNI-Goudy, VNI-Palatin, VNI-Korin
VNI-Book, VNI-Bodon, VNI-Avo, VNI-Meli

* Invitation Font

VNI-Allegie, VNI-Kun, VNI-Vivi, VNI-Coronet
VNI-Commerce, VNI-Murray, VNI-Park, VNI-Linus
VNI-Free, VNI-Ariston, VNI-Zap, VNI-Present, VNI-Slogan

* Advertise Font

VNI-Silver, VNI-Aztek, VNI-Fato, VNI-Top, VNI-Duff
VNI-Lithos, VNI-Juni, VNI-Dom, VNI-Tubes, VNI-Hobo

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