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VNI Tan Viet :

VNI Tan Viet: The Lastest Vietnamese Language Solution.

By Vu Tuy Hoa
Translated by Nguyen Tam

If you are using Vietnamese on Windows Media Center, XP, ME, 98, 95, NT or 2000, you can not afford to overlook VNI Tan Viet, the latest edition of the Vietnamese language software package from VNI.

Consisting of seven products bundled together, VNI Tan Viet will "Vietnamize" your computer thoroughly.

It includes: VNI AutoAccent, VNI Tan Viet, Ong Do Calendar, WebEye, Viet Nam Tan Tu Dien (New Vietnamese Dictionary), Tu Dien Chinh Ta 2001 (Spelling Dictionary 2001). Besides, Thay Co 2001 will help auto-correct common spelling errors such as hoi/nga, s/x, tr/ch, etc. All six products will be available in VNI Tan Viet.

Following are more details on the main features and enhancements in VNI Tan Viet .

* VNI AutoAccent

With VNI AutoAccent, you do not click to type Vietnamese tone marks, just click 1 button, the program will put Vietnemase tone marks for the whole document. Amazing! The software can put Vietnamese tone marks correctly up to 95%. You can right click and choose the correct words in the context. The software lets you output to clipboard in VNI-ANSI and Unicode as well as export to image files for e-mail convenience.

* VNI Tan Viet

VNI Tan Viet is a software product that helps you type Vietnamese on computers. VNI Tan Viet is fully compatible with all popular application programs such as Office 97, Office 2000, Office XP, Office 2003 and now it supports UNICODE for Internet emails and Web pages.

Power convert engine: With the power of copy convert, you can copy any Vietnamese web site or document and paste into any application. Choose VNI font and you can correctly view Vietnamese. Convert Unicode documents or any Vietnamese documents to VNI and vice versa with auto/manual code select, convert right inside Microsoft Word for Windows let you preview before convert. The VNI menu is added right inside Microsoft Word with a lot of features such as: Convert Vietnamese Text, Check Vietnamese Spelling, Look up Word in Dictionary, etc.

VNI Tan Ky includes feature which helps you compose e-mail in Vietnamese UNICODE on the Internet.

VNI Tan Ky, version 4.2 as previously released and widely enjoyed, helps you type Vietnamese as easily as handwriting, i.e. accent marks can be placed anywhere on the Vietnamese syllable. You can also re-assign the accent keys on your keyboard easily.

VNI Tan Ky also allows you to type Vietnamese in UNICODE and more than 40 languages, including many European languages such as Spanish, Norwegian, or Russian, etc. Many Asian languages such as Thai, Laos and Cambodian are also supported.

* Viet Nam Tan Tu Dien (New Vietnamese Dictionary)

A Vietnamese language solution would not be complete without a Vietnamese dictionary.

VNI Tan Viet 2000 includes Viet Nam Tan Tu Dien (New Vietnamese Dictionary). This software dictionary is based on the original "Viet Nam Tu Dien" by Le Van Duc and Le Ngoc Tru, published by Khai Tri Publishing, from which VNI has license to edit and develop into a computerized format.

VNI Tan Tu Dien has been extensively edited to reflect modern usage, and more entries have been added from various legitimate sources.

To enhance your ability to write in Vietnamese with less mistakes, VNI Tan Viet is equipped with the most advanced spelling auto-correction system: Thay Co 2001.

Thay Co 2001 runs along with WinWord as well as with any other popular application programs.

Thay Co 2001 can be activated to auto-correct your spellings as you type, or it can be used to spellcheck entire documents.

The main difference between Thay Co 2001 and previous spellchecking technologies is that Thay Co 2001 helps correct errors which arise from confusion between hoi/nga, s/x, tr/ch, d/di, -t/-c, -n/-ng, etc. For example:

"sua chua", "mo cua", "truyen tro", "giay dien", "xu xo", "sang lang"

will be changed to correct spelling as:

"sua chua", "mo cua", "chuyen tro", "day dien", "xu so", "xan lan"

Just what you have been waiting for in a Vietnamese language software!


* WebEye 2000

To help you coping with the situation of countless Vietnamese character sets on the Internet nowadays, WebEye 2000 converts all Vietnamese web pages on the Internet regardless of the Vietnamese character set from which. The result is a web page as easy to read as one from a book.

The latest version of WebEye 2000 is fully compatible with virtually all current web browsers on the market, including Netscape Navigator/Communicator up to version 4.7 and MS Internet Explorer versions 2.0 to 5.0.

An icon with an open eye will be displayed on your screen. When you click on it to shut the eye, all applications will run as usual. When you click on it to openthe eye, all previously unreadable Vietnamese web pages will become neatly readable with WebEye 2000.

Regardless of how long you have been surfing the Internet, perhaps many of you have, in the past, experienced a typical method of representing Vietnamese in e-mail exchanged among Vietnamese. Such special characters as +, -, *, ?, ~ are being used to replace the Vietnamese accent marks in a shorthand symbol placement system known as VIQR. Such e-mail is easy to write but not easy to read. However, with the help of WebEye 2000, you can now see the web pages in normal Vietnamese characters -- as in a book.

A huge advantage of WebEye 2000 is to save you time. Different Vietnamese Web pages use different character sets on the Internet, WebEye 2000 helps you read all character sets without having to download fonts for each page and reconfigure your browser each time you jump to a page based on another character set.

Previous releases of WebEye 2000 are available on the market and being used widely. However, they are not compatible with MS Internet Explorer 5.0. The latest WebEye 2000 version will solve this problem.

* Ong Do 2000

A typical solar/lunar wall calendar is displayed on your computer.

With Ong Do 2000 Calendar, you may record or mark important solar or lunar dates for events such as holidays, your private memories, etc. For example the date of death of a Vietnamese relative is better kept as a lunar date.

Ong Do 2000 is more than just an ordinary calendar. It comes complete with both solar and lunar calendars starting from the year 1901 (Tan Suu) to 2049 (Ky Ty), spanning 149 years. It is used as your ordinary wall calendar on your computer screen for your daily needs such as reminding certain days or events, or making notes, etc.

Ong Do 2000 can also serve as a place on which you put pictures of your family members. Pictures on Ong Do will change every day.
You may say, with Ong Do calendar on the screen, working or studying with computers is more fun than ever….

* Included 14 typefaces (33 TrueType and PostScript Type 1 Fonts)

* Enhanced Copy-Protection System

VNI Tan Viet 2000 is a copy-protected software product. Copy-protection prevents piracy or illegal copy, thus causing financial damages to many manufacturers, leading to bankruptcy in recent years.

The copy-protection in VNI Tan Viet 2000 has been greatly enhanced compared to previous releases of copy-protected software by VNI. Prior to this release, installation tokens can be lost if VNI or Windows program files are deleted inadvertently or if your hard drive are reformatted. With the new copy-protection system, the token will be retained for reinstallation of VNI Tan Viet after deleting program files or reformatting the hard drives (i.e. you won't lose the token for one installation).

In case the token can not be installed normally on your system, VNI Tan Viet can be installed via phone-in authorizing. You may call VNI Software to obtain password to activate VNI Tan Viet.

· Where can I order VNI Tan Viet?

Please contact VNI at:

VNI Software Company
14091 Goldenwest St.
Westminster, CA 92683
Tel: +1 (714) 891-7656
Fax: +1 (714) 373-5080
Website: vnisoft.com
E-mail: vni@vnisoft.com