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VNI Ong Do:
The Vienamese Lunar Calendar for Your Desktop

Vietnamese text by: Vu Tuy Hoa
English translation by: Nguyen Tam

The famous poet Vu Dinh Lien opened his poem "Ong Do or “The Master” with the following excerpts:

“Moi nam hoa dao no,
Lai thay ong do gia...”

This year the Old Master has come again...in the form of a software product! This spring VNI Software brings us the Old Master on computer with Ong Do Calendar for IBM PC and compatible.

VNI Ong Do is more than an ordinary calendar complete with both western and lunar calendars. This computerized calendar appears "hung" (suspended) on your computer screen with a similar look as your ordinary wall calendar.

However, since it is a software product, Ong Do offers many more capabilities and neat features than an ordinary calendar. First of all, it contains more than one-year time. Ordinary calendar normally contains one year at a time; Ong Do, however, starts from the year 1901 (Tan Suu) to 2049 (Ky Ty), comprised of 149 years.

In Windows 95 or Windows 3.1 or 3.11, Ong Do calendar can be sized (minimized or zoomed) to your desire, thus conforming to other application windows being used.

Ong Do offers a unique feature not found in other ordinary calendars. It contains both the Chinese Lunar Calendar (Am Lich Trung Hoa) and Revised Vietnamese Calendar (Vietnam Cai Cach). Both calendars differ slightly from each other due to the differences in geographical locations of Vietnam and China.

The Revised Vietnamese Calendar was already in use by the Weather Department before 1975 and widely accepted by the general public as the official calendar. Whereas the Chinese lunar calendar is being used only by the majority of Vietnamese abroad. Ong Do also makes switching between the two calendar systems for a particular reference easy with a toggle switch. When you need to choose a specific date, according to Chinese belief, to conduct business with Chinese partners as well as counterparts, you would need the references from the Chinese Lunar calendar. Meanwhile, if you need to establish a lifetime oriental horoscope for a newborn baby, then the Revised Vietnamese calendar is more suitable.

One of the unique features of Ong Do calendar is the capability of saving important dates in your family to a file on your hard disk for future reference. For example, supposed you want to keep the dates of all of the memorial services for your ancestors and relatives in lunar dates, only Ong Do can provide this capability for you.

Another feature that makes Ong Do calendar more attractive is the rich library of colorful, artistic pictures of spectacular scenery, flowers, tropical fruits, historical monuments, and other subjects.

Ong Do comes with ten beautiful pictures of Vietnam scenery, ao dai, and fruits (including a guava tree and fruit), etc. Instead of looking the same picture every day for the whole month, sometimes two months at a time, Ong Do freshens up your screen display by changing the picture daily. Looking at the computer screen, a modern electronic device of the future in the era of information super highway and hi-tech, one must feel the closeness of being home thousands of miles away with familiar pictures.

Furthermore, VNI promises to offer additional software products to supplement Ong Do calendar. These products will include scheduler, appointment book, historical events archive, entertainment, or if you wish, choosing appropriate dates for business or leisure; or perhaps, forecasting your fate or destiny in the month or year just for the fun of it.

VNI designers say that extension, or plug-in, technology is being applied for upgrades to all their main products. Additional products or plug-ins will automatically be incorporated into the main product once they become available, either via Internet or upgrade disks. By applying these upgrades, your main product (Ong Do) will be constantly kept up-to-date.

Ong Do 2000 can be purchased at various computer retailers and bookstores in your area, or directly through VNI at:

VNI Software
14091 Goldenwest St.
Westminster, CA. 92683, USA
Phone: (714) 891-7656

If you do not need a calendar but wish to have a good looking wallpaper for your screen, Ong Do will provide you dozens of beautiful scenery, botanical pictures, or other subjects for your screen. You can't afford not to invite Ong Do to visit your computer this year.

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