VNI would like to introduce to you the computer software with the most efficient method of learning:

Learn English by Phonics
with Talking Pictures Dictionary

Give you the ability to pronounce precisely,
improve listening, reading skill and your vocabulary in no time

CD-ROM Learn English by Phonics is a computer software that helps you to learn English with the phonetic method. An approved method, which is applied by most American school disctricts. This method helps you to pronounce English easily and precisely. Besides, the software also includes the listening, spelling, testing sections and a Talking Picture dictionary.

The main part of the program is the pronouncing section by phonics. This section includes 16 units, and each unit has many pages with similar sounds. This section helps learner to build a basic phonetic structure from simple to complicated combined sounds.

In each page, the similr sounds are categorized and grouped together. When learners listen and read along with the computer, they will gradually become familiar with the phonetic structures. Each page in a unit, learners will learn how to pronounce a different phonetic structure. There is a definition for each word. Some words are even demonstrated by picture or animation.

The spelling setion helps you praticing your listening skill and improving your spelling skill. Besides the easy learning mode, the program also has hints and answers.

The reading section has 28 units from simple to more advanced that helps you understanding how to apply phonetic structures that you have learned. The program will point out each sentence along with the computer voice. This helps you to follow the units much easier.

The Talking Picture Dictionary helps you to improve your vocabulary very quick. You can choose the auto-play feature and set the repeating time as well as silent time. Then you can sit back and relax while the computer repeat the words for you.

With an easy-to-learn computer program as VNI-Learn English by Phonics, your English skills will be improve rapidly.