1. Open your Unicode document in a word processor program such as Microsoft Word:


2. Run "CopyPaste Convert" program from Windows as following:


3. From the icon tray at the lower right corner on the screen, right click on the "CopyPaste Convert" to open a menu as following:


4. Select "Settings..." to open a new window:


5. Select "VNI-ANSI (Windows)" in the "Input Vietnamese Character Set" and "Unicode" in the "Output Vietnamese Character Set" as following:


6. Hight light the document by using your mouse or click "Ctrl + A" to select all document:


7. Copy the selected document into clipboard by pressing "Ctrl + C" or click mouse on "Copy" button as following:


8. Open a new document and select VNI font:


9. To paste the content in the clipboard into the new document, press "Ctrl + V" or press on the "Paste" button:


The content of new document will be formatted in VNI just after you pasted it into the new document.