1. Click on VNI Tan Viet button on VNI toolbar to activate Vietnamese accent keys.


2. A toolbar will be displayed as following:


3. Before typing any thing else in Vietnamese, make sure that Vietnamese mode is ON:


VNI Vietnamese accent keys are:


4. Turn on Unicode character set as by clicking on the following button:


5. Select Unicode character set and click on "OK" button in the following displayed window:


6. After log in Hotmail, select "Compose" button to start a new email:


7. Enter your sender's email address and subject of email in appropriate box:


8. Deselect "Auto Select" option (clear the check mark in front of the option):


9. Select "Unicode (UTF-8)" as your current font:


10. Now, you can type your email and send it in Vietnamese Unicode:


11. The email receiver can view the content of email clearly in Vietnamese.

Send email when you are finished.