1 - To start a "Ong Do Binh Xap Xam" game, click on "Ong Do Binh Xap Xam" icon as following:


2 - A new game window will be displayed as following:


3 - Click on ">>Chia Bai" to start a new game:


4 - The program will deliver 13 cards for four players, your default name is "Cao Thu". The program will automatically arrange your cards but you can modify the arrangement using mouse's "drag and drop" method (click on the card you want to move, drag to your desired place and drop it). For example, after delivering, you want to rearrange cards by bring five of heart in the first row to exchange with seven of club:


5 - Program will warn to you the incorrect arrangement of your cards as "Binh Lung":


6 - You can "drag and drop" all cards in middle row to the bottom row to make new arrangement as following:


7 - If you feel good with your arrangement, you can click on "Xet Bai" button to compete cards with other players, the scores of each player will be displayed in the middle:


8 - Click on ">>Chia Bai" button to start a new game.