This is an English <-> Vietnamese Talking dictionaries and English-Vietnamese Learning Tools.

This is a STAND-ALONE software package. It can run WITH or WITHOUT any Vietnamese software. This dictionary works as a professor right beside you. He gives you meaning of any word and pronounce it after ONE MOUSE CLICK.

Text-To-Speech: tell your computer to pronounce any English or Vietnamese word, sentence, or paragraph with easy-to-configure voices. This feature will help you to improve your reading and pronunciation skills. You can use this tool to pratice listening comprehension, or relax and listen to news on the Internet.

Click & Learn: you can translate any word on the screen with a mouse click. Hold CTRL key and click on any word, you can view a pop-up meaning box. You can learn how to pronounce
a word right away by clicking on the speaker icon. If you want to know more about a word, click on the arrow button, the English-Vietnamese dictionary or Vietnamese-English dictionary will pop up right in front of you with full explanation about that word.
Talking Dictionaries: easily look up words in English - Vietnamese & Vietnamese - English dictionaries. You can also listen as words and sentences are pronounced. Many examples are included in the explanations. You can look up any word inside the examples just by a mouse click. You can even add, edit the meaning of any word.
Learn While You Work: this program automatically pops up sentences with translated meanings, reads aloud, delays for you to view, and closes away, then pops up again with other sentences. You can set up the view time, delay time, loop time, and number of sentences per day. Click on any word, the leaning box will pop up, and you can click the arrow button for full explanations. The re-enforcing technique will effectively help you to improve your English and Vietnamese skills.

Price: $170 -

License 1 user, 1 machine